Tasman Golf Club Kina Cliffs Golf Course

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Tasman Golf Club Kina Cliffs Golf Course

Tasman Golf Club

NBS Tasman Golf Club Programme and Results

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Date   Event   Synopsis
13th Oct   Shaw Tankard Rd 3 & Dons Mug  
15th Oct   AGM & 3 Blind Mice  
17th Oct   Mens Comp  
20th Oct   Life Members Day  
22nd-21st Oct   Labour Day - free day  
24th Oct   Mens Comp  
27th-28th Oct   Country Clubs  
29th Oct   4 Clubs including putter Tournament  
31st Oct   Mens Comp  
3rd Nov   Backwards  
5th Nov   Free Day  
7th Nov   Mens Comp  
10th Nov   Captain's Trophy & Don's Mug  
12th Nov   Mixed Combined 9H & 18H  
14th Nov   Mens Comp  
17th Nov   Greenkeepers Revenge  
19th-20th Nov   Closing Day & Lunch  
21st Nov   Mens Comp  
24th Nov   Closing Day Lizburn Trophy & Philkat Trophy  
26th Nov - 26th Feb   Summer Cup begins  
28th Nov   Mens Comp  
1st Dec   Summer Cup Rd 1  
5th Dec   Mens Comp  
8th Dec   Summer Cup Rd 2 & Don's Mug  
12th-13th Dec   Mens Comp  
16th Dec   Hamper Day  
19th Dec   Mens Comp  
22nd-23rd Dec   Club Day  
26th Dec   Mens Comp  
30th Dec   Club Day  

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